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Eric Holder misled Americans about mortgage fraud

Eric Holder has overstated facts about the mortgage fraud task force formed to seek out and punish wrongdoing, raising additional questions about the crisis.

eric holder

eric holder

Eric Holder’s statements about the mortgage crisis

Near the end of the day last Friday, the Justice Department acknowledged that statements made by U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder regarding the Mortgage Fraud Working Group were wildly overstated. This task force was elite and designed to finally punish the perpetrators of the widespread fraud, be they entry level clerks or big bank CEOs, threatening financial penalties and even jail time.

  • Last year, Holder stated that 530 people were criminally charged as a result of the year-long investigation, but the Justice Department clarified that only 107 people were charged.
  • Holder had also stated that over 73,000 homeowners had been found victimized by mortgage fraud but the Justice Department states the number from the investigation never exceeded 17,185.
  • Holder stated that losses resulting from the fraud cost American homeowners $1 billion, which has now been revised to only $95 million.

So why are these revised numbers now public? Bloomberg investigated Holder’s claims and noticed the numbers were off, even discovering that they were counting cases in their tally that took place before Obama was even in office. Bloomberg’s Jonathan Weil requested a list of all 530 people allegedly charged and was told it was forthcoming but the list never materialized. Weil is now calling for Holder to apologize publicly.

Weil wrote, “What a charade. No wonder the government found it so difficult to bring a meaningful number of accounting-fraud cases against bank executives after the financial crisis. Its own books were cooked.”

A broken record

Does this all sound familiar to you? It should. Weil reports that Holder’s Justice Department did this dance in 2010 when results of the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force (“Operation Broken Trust” which included mortgage-fraud investigations), offering up impressive numbers of how many people would be punished, but when Weil investigated the names of those charged, they were, as Weil calls them, “small-fry, penny-ante fraud cases that had nothing to do with one another.”

Again, Weil found proof that the Department was using cases that pre-dated the task force, some cases that had nothing to do with the task force, and even one person who had no record of any charges filed. Weil notes these numbers have yet to be restated or revised.

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So why the song and dance? This administration has been under fire for not going after the big wigs in charge of the financial crisis, so trumping up task force results make it appear that there is a tough attitude, a zero-tolerance policy in the White House toward financial crimes.

Weil stated, “Holder needs to come forward and explain exactly how this happened and why. He used a press conference with the cameras rolling to give out numbers that proved to be false — and they appear to have been willfully false. He should be just as eager to hold another press conference to set the record straight, answer any questions about his apparent sleight of hand when it comes to financial-fraud metrics and apologize to the American people.”

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  1. rolandestrada

    August 12, 2013 at 9:04 pm

    You mean Eric Holder is crooked? That can’t possibly be!! He’s a Democrat. I thought they are all angelic and beyond reproach. 😉

    • TruthfulVet82

      September 8, 2013 at 2:04 am

      Gee you must be a Racist and Homophobic, because that’s what Democrat Leaders, Legislators, and the American Liberal Obama Media Machine would say….You must be one of those Racist Republicans like Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King Jnr. for Bad-Mouthing Obama’s Made Crime Boss, Eric Holder. Why Black people can do no wrong while Barack Obama is our President…If you don’t believe me then just ask NBC, CBS, CNN or ABC or Chris Mathews of CNBC, that they will tell you all day long that anything that is said to be critical of the Obama Administration is nothing but Racism. Mean while, unemployment for Blacks in America after six years of the Black Messiah in the Oval Office has brought us 25% Unemployment, and has put a disproportionately high percentage of Black Americans as part of the 80% of Americans in Poverty.

      Not to mention that Gasoline Prices at the Pump has risen by 100% from when Bush was President, and Obama has been responsible for a weak Energy Policy along with higher taxes, and higher costs for Health Insurance with Obama-Care that is Unconstitutional. Obama is illegally using the IRS to attack American People’s Liberty and Freedom to illegally fine individual Americans who opt out of Obama-Care, while permanently exempting Members of Congress, and their Staff. Then the SOB has the Brass Ones for delaying the implementation of Obama-Care Enforcement with Corporate America, so he can enjoy Political gains through Corruption with his Chicago Crime Family Style Administration for creating problems for American Citizens while claiming he is against those policies, and how Obama is also trying his best to combat all of these problems that he again created.

      It is amazing that Obama is blaming all of America’s problems on Bush, Republicans, Racism, White People, and now our Dubious President is blaming the World for the Syrian Crisis.

  2. Hank Miller

    August 13, 2013 at 8:34 am

    This is really shocking, hard to believe. Holder has such a great track record….makes you long for Janet Reno. Doesn’t matter which party has the reins, government is designed to achieve gridlock; it preserves jobs and allows the nonsense to continue.

  3. TruthfulVet82

    September 8, 2013 at 1:32 am

    Eric Holder was indicted by Black Democrat Senators on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee investigating Holder, and Obama for giving Guns to Mexican cartel who in turn used them to kill two American Border Guards, and thousands of Mexicans on both sides of the Border of Mexico. Eric Holder illegally misused Government Funds, and misused the DOJ to go on a Witch Hunt to Shot-Gun his Position as the Attorney General to Racially impede the Investigation of a Shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman after Zimmerman was found innocent by Police, and the District Attorney where the shooting took place in Sanford, Florida. Eric Holder is clearly a member of the Obama Crime Syndacate of Chicago, so it comes as no surprise that Eric Holder has misled the American People about the Mortgage Crisis, that Obama gained with a Real Estate Deal facilitated by the former CEO of Freddie-Mac who also misled the American People, but landed safely on his feet with the help of a 100 Million Dollar Gold Parachute provided with the blessings of Democrat Congressional Oversight of the Mortgage Industry’s Barney Frank.

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