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Mortgage application volume falls 8.1 perce...

Jan 30, 2013No Comments

Mortgage application volume fell last week, even accounting for the federal holiday, as certain interest rates jumped up a bit in the same period.

mortgage application volume

Mortgage application volume surges in secon...

Jan 16, 20131 Comment

Mortgage application volume in the second week of the year jumped, led by new mortgage applications, a healthy sign for housing and buyer interest.


Fiscal cliff uncertainty means new low for ...

Dec 12, 20127 Comments

While mortgage rates have remained low in recent years, mortgage application volume rose last week as rates hit a new low, resulting from uncertainty over

mortgage trends

Mortgage application volume up 4.5% for the...

Dec 05, 20122 Comments

Mortgage application volume rose last week, marking a silver lining in the housing market as the sector begins its long march to recovery.


Mortgage application volume slides again, e...

Nov 28, 2012No Comments

Even adjusting for the Thanksgiving holiday, mortgage application volume fell, and the goverment share of purchase applications fell to its lowest share since early 2009.

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HUD: the FHA does not require a bailout fro...

Nov 16, 20121 Comment

As reports roll in that the FHA's reserve funds are depleted, analysts say a bailout is coming, while HUD and FHA says that it simply

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FHA may need a bailout, lending conditions ...

Nov 15, 20125 Comments

As the FHA reserves are depleted with a growing number of mortgages delinquent or in foreclosure, a bailout could spell trouble for the recovery of

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Mortgage application volume back up, East C...

Nov 14, 2012No Comments

After weeks of sliding, the Mortgage Bankers Association is reporting a small surge in mortgage application volume, noting the post-Superstorm Sandy decline in recent weeks.


Freddie Mac: mortgage interest rates lose g...

Nov 08, 2012No Comments

Mortgage rates remain at a historic low, and while they rose slightly for the week, they are down considerably compared to just a year ago,

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Mortgage application volume slides 5.0% due...

Nov 07, 2012No Comments

The Mortgage Banker's Association points to Sandy as the reason for a 5.0 percent slide in mortgage application volume.

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Mortgage application volume slips, the culp...

Oct 31, 2012No Comments

Despite continued low interest rates, the Mortgage Bankers Association is reporting a weekly reduction in application volume, as they predicted would happen.


Freddie Mac: mortgage rates barely changed ...

Oct 25, 2012No Comments

Freddie Mac reports relatively unchanged mortgage rates for the week, forecasting a continuation of low rates for some time to come.