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body language

7 ways your body language can make people w...

Nov 11, 2015No Comments

Better believe it, 55 percent of communication relies on body language - are you saying what you want to say? Here are 7 ways to

perfect profile pic

How to take the perfect profile pic

Oct 18, 2015No Comments

The profile picture has become the standard by which we measure ourselves, our colleagues, and even future employees. So how do you make sure it's


Surprising facts on the state of technology...

Feb 02, 20152 Comments

(Tech News) With all the talk about wearable technologies, one would think more and more people are jumping on board the trend, but are they?


What does your workspace tell others about ...

Nov 09, 2014No Comments

(Business) Does your choice of knick knacks and wall color in your office portray you in a positive or negative light? You should know since


Poachable keeps job seekers’ identity...

Oct 12, 20141 Comment

(Tech News) Poachable has launched to match job seekers anonymously with employers so the employed can search with less risk.


“AC will be faxed” and other ri...

Mar 12, 20141 Comment

(Business Marketing) Typing is difficult, and spell checking is even difficulter... see? These real life marketing typos were discovered in the MLS and are sure


Dangerous flash mobs: protecting your mobil...

Jun 26, 2013No Comments

Flash mobs used to be synonymous with dancing hipsters, but now thugs are organizing via social networks to form dangerous flash mobs. Safeguard yourself while