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Session videos will be released on event days: January 14, 2021 at 1pm CST and January 15, 2021 at 1pm CST.

Once released, you’ll find them listed below and will be able to click on the ‘view session button’ to begin watching. 

You will have unlimited viewing access for 30 days to watch at your convenience.

Don’t forget to join us each day at 4:30pm CST for a live Q+A panel discussion with select speakers.

Can’t make the live sessions? We’ll have them recorded and accessible here for the full 30 days.

A Painful Tale of Being Too Early to a Multi-Billion Dollar Market (Lani Rosales)

Turning an Embarrassment Into Something Wildly Marketable (Jessica Campos)

How to Avoid the FBI Putting You Out of Business (Paul O’Brien)

Burnout Bummer: How I Lost a Discovery Channel Contract (Alley Lyles)

Market Moves: Turning Threats Into Opportunities (Carlo Cisco)

How My Business Went From Rarely Getting Hired to Being “Google-able” (Tracey Hawkins)

How I Pivoted Into a Startup After My Referral Network Dried Up (Max Diez)

Why Running a Business Alone Will Only Get You So Far (Dana Marruffo)

Ignore the Haters: Wearing Multiple Hats is an Entrepreneurial Advantage (Sara Loretta)

How a Painful RFP Miscalculation Launched a 25 Year Career (Steve Zehngut)

Without This Key Ingredient, Having a Great Business Vision is Useless (Scott Smith)

The Fastest Path to Business Failure is Poor People Management (John Zozzaro)

A Celebrity-Filled Career Never Guarantees Success in Your Own Business (Chris Martin)

From Filing Bankruptcy to Leaving a Legacy (Allison Ramsey)

A Cringey Tale About Valuing Critical Feedback as an Entrepreneur (Darrel Raynor)

How to Spot the Red Flags that Can Sink Your Business (Andrea Bridges-Smith)

How Your Pricing Model Can Put You Out of Business (Michael Barnes)

Painful Lessons From Overspending on Gurus and Workshops (Laurie Hurley)

Less Is More: Lessons on Exercising Strategic Focus (Kristopher Bolleter)

Not All Failures Are Colossal: It Can Take a Million Tweaks to Nail It (Jennie Loev)

How to Balance Dreams With Needing an Income (Matthew Basile)

A Great Idea Does NOT Equal a Great Business (Mari Ramirez)

Lessons From a Master Procrastinator: Don’t Wait 10 Years to Make a Move (Sarah Jane Burt)

An Artist’s Dilemma: To Job or Not to Job – THAT is the Question! (Vickie Flaugher)

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