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Freshbooks cloud accounting adds feedback at critical point in transaction


(Business Finance) Freshbooks has added an easy way for customers to collect feedback and better manage these marketing assets.

Freshbooks adds feedback: genius

Getting feedback from customers can be a complicated, painful task, but Freshbooks has taken on this challenge for their cloud accounting users by adding a feedback option at the time of payment for ease of capture.

“Small business owners are starved for feedback. But it takes time to ask your clients for this information, and many owners find the process terrifying and awkward,” said Mike McDerment, CEO and co-founder, FreshBooks. “With FreshBooks our customers now have an automated feature that helps them to gather client feedback, increase referral rates, and generate positive reviews for marketing materials with the click of a mouse.”

FreshBooks is releasing a ratings and reviews feature that will allow FreshBooks admins to request a review from their customers. The rating is a 1-10 point scale, with a secondary qualitative review. Admins can request a review once an invoice is paid. If the review given is positive (9 or 10/10) the review can then be shared to Facebook. The feature will also prompt the end-customer to ask if they can recommend this service to someone they know.

Better collecting your marketing assets

FreshBooks allows its customers to automatically ask for feedback based on services rendered at the time of payment – when feedback is most critical in the relationship for future work, and when it’s most easy to capture. This provides an automatic way for customer to gain valuable insights, generate leads, and collect marketing assets and word-of-mouth referrals.

The new feature is available is available as of today.

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1 Comment

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