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Duracell Powermat: wired or wireless charging system on the go

One of the most annoying factors in owning a smartphone is the battery life, and when you run out of juice, it can ruin your day. Now, powermat technology has been taken a step further by Duracell to cure the problem.

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iphone charger

Annoyance: a dead cell phone

How many times has your cell phone died when it’s most inconvenient, all because you forgot to charge it? Sometimes charging for hours on end isn’t in your schedule, so you get in a couple of minutes on your drive to work or in between phone calls or replied emails. Or maybe you’re just prone to forget to charge your phone at night or you’re rarely at home where your phone charger lives. Whatever the reason, there is an awesome solution to consider: the Duracell Powermat 3-piece system.

You may have heard of the Powermat technology before, but now, they’ve paired up with Duracell to produce a 3-piece system that centers on convenience and preparedness. Let’s start with each piece individually.

The three pieces:

  1. The Powermat – The Powermat is a flat service that charges the battery on your phone without you having to plug it in. You simply place your phone flat on the Powermat and it does the charging for you.
  2. The Phone Case – A necessary part of the 3-piece system is the phone case that is specifically made for the Powermat. It comes in several colors, and when your phone is in the case and lying on the Powermat, your phone will charge quickly.
  3. The Back-Up Portable Battery – This is the newest portion of the three pieces. This relatively small portable battery can be placed on the PowerMat along with your phone and it will hold a full charge for your phone. Just take the portable batter with you and when your phone needs to be charged, you can attach the two devices and your phone will charge while you’re on the go, in an emergency, or when another power source isn’t available.

phone charger

Convenience in charging

There has been some worry that the Powermat and the back-up battery will ultimately harm your phone’s battery, as many believe you have to let your phone’s battery become empty before charging, but Duracell claims that is not the case. The advanced device can tell how much of a charge you phone needs and it will stop transferring power when your phone has reached its limit.

The Powermat 3-piece system is only compatible with the iPhone 4 and 4s and the Samsung Galaxy III. But keep your eyes open; they plan on adding other popular smartphones to the list. There are even some companies and businesses who have installed Powermat charging stations and made them available to customers, namely Madison Square Garden, the 2013 Chevy Volt, and select Regis Salons. As more and more companies and consumers learn about this new and convenient technology, you can bet you’ll start seeing even more Powermat’s 3-piece system around, maybe in places you least expect it.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jake516

    December 1, 2012 at 9:21 am

    “The Powermat is a flat service … ”    Don’t you mean “surface” ?

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