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google dreams

Why Google’s Deep Dream project is mo...

Dec 18, 2015No Comments

A programmer discovered that even while asleep, your computers dream, and the imagery is amazingly bizarre and sometimes creepy. What are the implications of this?


Angee is a customizable, livestreaming home...

Nov 02, 20151 Comment

The newest in home security, Angee syncs with your smart phone in 30 seconds, rotates 360 degrees and can be turned off at the sound


Frustrated with Windows 10? How to roll bac...

Aug 09, 20151 Comment

With the release of Windows 10, many users expected faster speeds and better service, but some aren't seeing these results. Here's what you can do

microsoft edge

Microsoft’s new browser already out-p...

Jul 23, 20152 Comments

Microsoft is celebrating the launch of Windows 10 in a big way and their new browser is just one way Microsoft is improving their ecosystem.


Wearables are a dream for marketers, could ...

May 18, 20151 Comment

Wearables are all the rage these days, and they allow marketers to very specifically target their marketing in an unparalleled way, but are we considering


Neurocam: shoot pics hands-free with your b...

Nov 02, 2013No Comments

Take pictures hands-free with your brain waves with Neurocam, one of the latest inventions using neuroscience technologies.

charge card

ChargeCard: a USB cable shaped like a credi...

Oct 23, 20131 Comment

Built to be the size of a credit card, the ChargeCard fits right inside of your wallet and you can whip it out any time

ipad mini 2

Apple announces next gen iPad and iPad mini

Oct 22, 20132 Comments

As Apple announces their next generation of products, the world will delight at their speed, size, weight, and resolution, but that performance comes with a

lg g flex

LG G Flex will have a curved display: why i...

Oct 07, 2013No Comments

The LG G Flex is exciting as it is curved, but there are much deeper implications of this announcement that your company should take note

iphone charger

Squeezing your iPhone to charge it back to ...

Oct 04, 2013No Comments

A new iPhone charger could solve the battery life issues that come along with today's technologies, functioning on the old fashioned crank electricity concept.

iphone 6

iPhone 6 concepts beginning to emerge

Sep 24, 20131 Comment

With all the hub-bub about iOS 7 and iPhone 5, several iPhone 6 concepts have emerged. The most prominent feature is the wrap around screen.

google glass

Top 10 ways Google Glass could affect real ...

Sep 04, 20134 Comments

Google Glass is about to go mainstream, and there are hidden advantages of what is more than just a novel tool.