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Squeezing your iPhone to charge it back to life

A new iPhone charger could solve the battery life issues that come along with today’s technologies, functioning on the old fashioned crank electricity concept.

iphone charger

iphone charger

Charge your iPhone with your hand

How many times have you been out, without a charger, and your phone has died? How about all the times we lose power due to natural disasters, or electrical outages? What happens if you need your phone and there is no electricity? One solution is a back up battery, but you have to keep up with it and it will quickly drain if you need your phone for extended periods of time. Another solution: the MiPwr Dynamo. The only thing you need to power it is your hand, just like those weather radios you crank to keep juiced up.

The MiPwr Dynamo is a concept product, not yet manufactured for a unique case for your iPhone 4/4S/5/5S that functions as a protective case, backup battery, and hybrid charger. It has a 400mA battery and a concealed lever which you squeeze to generate electricity and charge the backup battery.

If you need it, the built in backup battery gives you two hours of talk time, should you exhaust that, you can squeeze the lever, which pops out quickly from within the case, for a mere minute. After squeezing for a minute you will have about thirty seconds of talk or text time before it dies again. But, that is long enough to get a distress call out in an emergency situation.

For more than emergencies

It is not just for emergencies, though. You can keep one in the car for all those times you forget your charger at home and need access to your phone for a business meeting: two hours of battery backup could really come in handy. And if you have kids, no more worrying that they have forgotten a charger at home.

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This gives them extra power when they need it. You can charge both the case and the iPhone’s batteries simultaneously by plugging in the micro USB cable to the wall. Once it is charged, if you need the backup battery, you simply flip the switch on the side of the case to transfer the power from the battery to the iPhone. Production of the MiPwr should begin around February 2014.

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