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Legion: battery of the future featuring a m...

Aug 11, 2013No Comments

Legion is the next generation of portable power sources and could be one of the best in the industry when it becomes publicly available.


Contacts+ app adds productivity to any Andr...

Aug 05, 2013No Comments

Android users: Contacts+ is a great new way to manage your contacts, making a potentially frustrating process simple and streamlined, adding productivity to your phone.


Jackery Air adds five days of battery life ...

Jun 24, 20134 Comments

Having met their Kickstarter goal, the world's thinnest rechargeable battery will, in fact, begin production, bringing up to five days of charge to any device.


iPhone 4 power button issues subject of new...

May 18, 2013No Comments

The iPhone 4 power button has been a contentious issue, one which is being alleged to be a RICO violation, according to a newly filed

pitch perfect

App refines and improves your sales pitch, ...

May 15, 20131 Comment

Count Me In is now offering an app to help prep for the dreaded two-minute business pitch. The Small Business Perfect Pitch app helps improve

google glass

Google Glass gets facial recognition, devic...

May 13, 20133 Comments

Google Glass has incredible apps being developed for the emerging technology, but some substantial problems remain to be fixed prior to publicly launching the device.

htc first

“Facebook phone” flops, rumored...

May 13, 20131 Comment

The HTC First (the "Facebook phone") launched last month as AT&T and Facebook's maiden voyage together, but due to dislike of Facebook Home, the device

google plus hangouts

Google Plus Hangouts get live rewind, bette...

May 08, 2013No Comments

Google Plus Hangouts now offer live broadcasting and better mobile features, and there are even sites to practice your Hangout skills before hosting or participating

google fiber austin

Google Fiber: why Austinites are only margi...

Apr 14, 20134 Comments

Austin has been announced as Google Fiber's second city ever, so what is wrong with Austinites? Why aren't they drooling over this?


Microcone multi-directional device records,...

Mar 22, 2013No Comments

The Microcone is an award-winning device designed to recognize individual voices in a group as it records and transcribes meetings. Genius!


Device theft on the rise, how to protect yo...

Mar 14, 20134 Comments

Device theft is increasingly common, and may lead to out of pocket replacement costs, but following these tips can fight thieves at their own game.


Thread app: caller ID and social media get ...

Mar 13, 20132 Comments

Thread re-imagines caller id and adds a dash of social media that offers immediate benefits to serious professionals.