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Laptop concept could rock the entire tablet...

Jul 15, 201128 Comments

Tech altering concept We frequently cover technology concepts that exist in prototype or simply in concept, and we enjoy watching over the years which make

Laptop concept for users over 65 – it...

May 22, 20119 Comments

Appealing to all ages With the rapid pace of technology innovation, we’re often looking for the faster tool, the sexier, shinier tool and are seeking

Cylindrical laptop defies tradition, could ...

Apr 04, 20119 Comments

Flexible materials changing tradition With the rise in popularity of tablet technologies, designers are looking to cash in on the shift away from the traditional

Samsung confirms high end Macbook Air compe...

Feb 24, 201119 Comments

Tonight in Korea, Samsung has confirmed the release of their new ultra-thin laptop Samsung 9 Series aiming at directly competing with Apple’s Macbook Air and