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lg g flex

LG G Flex will have a curved display: why i...

Oct 07, 2013No Comments

The LG G Flex is exciting as it is curved, but there are much deeper implications of this announcement that your company should take note

iphone 6

iPhone 6 concepts beginning to emerge

Sep 24, 20131 Comment

With all the hub-bub about iOS 7 and iPhone 5, several iPhone 6 concepts have emerged. The most prominent feature is the wrap around screen.


Contacts+ app adds productivity to any Andr...

Aug 05, 2013No Comments

Android users: Contacts+ is a great new way to manage your contacts, making a potentially frustrating process simple and streamlined, adding productivity to your phone.


iPhone 4 power button issues subject of new...

May 18, 2013No Comments

The iPhone 4 power button has been a contentious issue, one which is being alleged to be a RICO violation, according to a newly filed

htc first

“Facebook phone” flops, rumored...

May 13, 20131 Comment

The HTC First (the "Facebook phone") launched last month as AT&T and Facebook's maiden voyage together, but due to dislike of Facebook Home, the device


Device theft on the rise, how to protect yo...

Mar 14, 20134 Comments

Device theft is increasingly common, and may lead to out of pocket replacement costs, but following these tips can fight thieves at their own game.

small call

Small Call Android app kills incoming inter...

Mar 12, 2013No Comments

Small Call makes incoming calls and texts go away without the caller knowing they've been ignored, boosting productivity while helping you seem less rude.

blackberry z10

BlackBerry Z10: possible iPhone, Android ki...

Jan 31, 20132 Comments

The BlackBerry Z10 is the sexy new flagship device set to hit palms across America - does it have a chance to hurt competitors, or

cheap iphone

Are cheap iPhones Apple’s next innova...

Jan 09, 20134 Comments

Apple is known for iterating and innovating, but with a new CEO at the helm, the world watches the era - could cheap iPhones be


iOS, Android: accessory turns devices into ...

Nov 16, 2012No Comments

Whether meeting a client on the fly or presenting to coworkers in your own office, turning your smartphone, laptop or tablet into a projector can

Plunk Mobile Device Click Testing

Plunk: mobile click testing for any site or...

Oct 08, 20121 Comment

Usability testing is very important for all website owners - are you sure your site's design is achieving the goal you think it is? Could


Atooma: futuristic Android automation, no c...

Oct 05, 20121 Comment

Want your Android to automatically read texts to you while you drive, or perform other futuristic automated tasks? Atooma is a "touch of magic," adding