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HR considerations your company can’t afford to overlook

(Entrepreneur News) Small business leaders can get so caught up in everyday operations, that they’ll sometimes attempt to add human resources responsibilities to their daily tasks.

HR Considerations Your Company Can't Afford to Overlook

How a good HR team will save your bottom line

Small business leaders can get so caught up in everyday operations, that they’ll sometimes attempt to add human resources responsibilities to their daily tasks. However, responsibilities such as recruiting, complaint management, conflict resolution, benefit management, and termination often require specialized training and knowledge.

Companies that don’t invest in dedicated human resources professionals could even be liable in litigation, in they inadvertently break local, state, or federal laws regarding employee rights. Here are a just some responsibilities that a good HR department can handle for your company.


HR specialists have access to a myriad of talent and recruitment tools, which can help your company narrow down candidates and select your next employee. HR departments run background checks and verify application information, to ensure that you aren’t negligently hiring people who aren’t qualified for the job. Background checks can also help recruiters create safer work environments. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), about 69% of organizations use criminal background checks during the recruitment process.

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The talent management channels used by HR departments can help companies save a significant amount of time during their recruitment campaigns. These tools can help a business hire the best possible staff members from a pool of countless applicants.

Conflict Resolution

Many business leaders are underprepared to handle the types of interpersonal clashes and unprofessional conduct that occasionally takes place at work. These incidents can quickly escalate into more serious situations if they aren’t dealt with in a professional way.

HR departments use conflict mediation tactics to help departments and personnel work together effectively. Gaps in communication, high stress environments, and problematic clients are some of the factors that can lead to workplace conflicts. Human resource professionals often step in as a third party to help two parties reach an agreement.

Addressing Complaints

Internal theft, sexual harassment, discrimination and other serious incidents often go unreported or overlooked when a company lacks an HR team. This is why HR departments institute helplines, so that employees can feel safe reporting sensitive information. These outlets are absolutely necessary, because they can alert employers of potentially illegal activities and dangerous work environments that put the company at risk. Human resources specialists can notify leaders when a situation occurs and begin a formal investigation into employee complaints.

Benefits Management

Talented applicants might just turn around and walk away from a position if your company cannot offer competitive benefits plans, including health insurance, stock options, and retirement options. HR specialists can help companies manage and scale their benefits offerings to provide exciting incentives for new and current employees. Effective benefits management can affect a company over the long term, instilling current employees with loyalty to your organization. HR departments are responsible for educating employees about the benefits they can take advantage of through your company.

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Firing an employee is always unpleasant, but an effective HR team can help your company navigate these rocky waters. Termination might be a necessary action when an employee has broken the terms of their contract or committed illegal acts. HR departments can ensure that your termination procedures complain with local, state, and federal laws, so that your organization does not become the target of employment litigation. HR specialists can also inform terminated employees about the reasons for discharge.

The bottom line

Companies can benefit greatly from having a dedicated HR team. These professionals can handle a wide range of onboarding, training, complaint management, benefits, and terminations processes that could otherwise go neglected. These specialists also help your company comply with employment laws, which decreases your risk of business litigation. Human resources plays integral role in the continued success of your business.

Larry Alton is an independent business consultant specializing in social media trends, business, and entrepreneurship. When he's not consulting, glued to a headset, he's working on one of his many business projects. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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