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[LIVE] Austin tech companies’ hiring statuses

Recently, our world changed. Not just for one sector, but for all. Each of us are coping with this new world differently, fumbling around in the dark, trying to find the light. Many are logging in remotely to their work, scared that the first email will be from their boss with the bad news.

While we will make it through this with a heavy dose of grit, it is not a fearless effort. So, the best thing we can do right now is to look forward and together, keep our finger on the pulse.

Although The American Genius is a news network for entrepreneurs and small businesses, for nearly a decade, we have operated a massive Facebook Group dedicated to the Austin tech industry, Austin Digital Jobs (and recently added Remote Digital Jobs for people across the nation).

In the spirit of Candor’s national list of hiring freezes, we’re focusing on one sector in one city. Our home.

This list is user-generated and based exclusively on submissions, compiled by selfless volunteers. If you see inaccurate or outdated information or want to send an update about your company, click the “Submit” button after the following spreadsheet.

This will be a bumpy ride, and we’re trying to do something good here, so bear with us, please. We are grateful for your input and help. Together, we’ll make it through this.

Evolving list of Austin tech companies’ hiring statuses:

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