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Ten business tasks to hire out on TaskRabbit

Not enough hours in the day

While hearing the words “there just aren’t enough hours in the day” is common, it’s also very true – especially for the busy professional who also has a personal life. You have task after task after task that needs to be completed, and you will most likely have to do it all over again tomorrow and then the next day. Sometimes the smallest tasks can take the most time because there is a continual need for it to get done. So, have you ever wished you could have someone else do the seemingly trivial or time-consuming tasks so you can focus on your work and the progression and growth of your business?

Enter TaskRabbit which connects you with people across the country who will complete your assigned tasks. These people have had background checks and the company says they are reliable, hardworking, and honest. Assigning tasks with TaskRabbit can free up valuable time so you can dedicate yourself to your passion, whatever that may be. Here are the top ten ways you can use TaskRabbit for your professional needs:

1. Office Organization – Because you’re always busy at the office, it can be hard to keep it organized and neat. And because sometimes a cluttered office adds to stress levels, it’s important to keep your professional surroundings clear, clean, and streamlined.

2. Data Entry – Data entry is a simple task that can take up quite a bit of your time. It’s usually mindless work and it can be done on auto-pilot, essentially. Whether you need help entering client or customer information or your accounting data, someone from TaskRabbit may be able to help you.

3. Office Cleaning – Just as having an organized office is important, so is having a clean office. While having someone clean your office may be not a problem if you have a larger company with ample funds, smaller businesses usually have to clean their own offices—and maybe you’re one of them. Well, TaskRabbit provides you with a way to have someone clean your office—whether as a one-time occurrence or on a regular basis—at an affordable rate and on your terms.

4. Run Errands – Going to the post office, picking up lunch for your employees, and running to the local office supplies store to pick up some essentials; these all take up valuable time. Maybe it’s time to hire someone else to do it.

5. Invoicing or Pay Bills – Whether you pay bills or invoice clients online or through more traditional routes, having a dependable and honest person do it for you will not only save you time, but it will save your sanity.

6. Product or Website Testing – Have a new product or website that needs to be tested and checked for technical bugs? No problem. Many of TaskRabbit’s participants are professionals with relatable professional backgrounds.

7. File Paperwork – Depending on the nature of your company, you may still have tangible papers to file in your office filing cabinet. This little task can easily take hours each week to complete on your own, especially if you have other duties that take priority.

8. Return Phone Calls – While it isn’t suggested to allow others to return important business-related phone calls, you can still use someone from TaskRabbit to return calls that are complementary in nature or even to just confirm appointments or meetings.

9. Prepare Outgoing Mail – Envelopes. Stamps. Address Labels. And the worst of it all, sealing those envelopes. Leave it up to someone else and save yourself from something tedious.

10. Compile Data – Do you need compiled contact information for potential clients or contacts? Or maybe you need to see your expenses for each month. Whatever your data-compiling needs, TaskRabbit can make that happen easily, efficiently, and professionally.

Whether you need some extra time to complete a professional task or you just need a few hours to take a much-deserved nap, TaskRabbit may be the solution. Getting things done in a timely manner can give your business the potential to be a well-oiled, money-making machine! One task at a time will get you there. And the best part is that you don’t even have to complete the tasks yourself. What could be better than that?


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