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Google +1 button gets another update, offers new features

The +1 button keeps getting better

As we reported yesterday, the Google +1 button finally offers an inline view of any user who is in your network that has already clicked the +1 button on any given website or webpage, and we noted, “where Google’s power lies is in integrating the new Google+ network, which we anticipate will soon become more closely done with the +1 button which ultimately should offer better sharing options such as updating G+ status along with a link to the page a user is on, just like Facebook sharing. Google likes to release updates in batches, so it stands to reason that other +1 button updates are on the way.”

And here we are, just one day later, they’ve integrated Google Plus and their circles into the +1 button that allows users to perform the same function as the Facebook share button wherein one can click the button and send the link to their Facebook profile with a personal status update attached.

The new feature is being called “+Snippets” which allows user pressing the +1 button to choose which Google Circle the update goes to, just as in the main Google Plus website.

We didn’t believe the +1 button to be fully useful until it was integrated into the Google Plus network which saves users the step of having to copy and paste content into Google Plus and brings the network more up to date with the performance of competitors like Facebook.

Here is what the button looks like now while in action:

Google Group Product Manager Daniel Dulitz said, “Both sharing from +1 and inline annotations are rolling out fully over the next few days. To test these improvements right now, join our Platform Preview group.”

Click here to add the +1 button to your site. To add inline annotations, update your +1 button code by visiting the configuration tool, selecting ‘inline’ from the ‘Annotation’ menu, and grab a new snippet of code.



  1. Mark Jacobs

    August 25, 2011 at 8:42 am

    Just added the button to my website

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