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HAR to launch a Texas-wide real estate sear...

Mar 25, 20148 Comments

(Housing News) HAR is well known for shaking things up in the real estate industry, and now they're asking brokers across the entire state to


The questionable timing of Errol Samuelson&...

Mar 10, 20144 Comments

(Editorial) A key figure at Move, Inc. resigned without notice last week, leaving many wondering how his move to Zillow will have an impact on


Dwellory: like evolving LinkedIn profiles f...

Feb 13, 2014No Comments

(Real Estate Tech) Dwellory has launched for homeowners, giving every house a public timeline just like a LinkedIn profile does for professionals.

blocksy edge

Blocksy – Real estate’s next big thing ...

Jan 12, 20142 Comments

(Editorial) Blocksy is an interesting new startup serving the Big Apple - could they finally innovate the real estate space that has struggled to modernize


FLIPT: real estate ROI beta app a flop so f...

Jan 11, 20142 Comments

(Editorial) FLIPT is a new app that has launched in beta, and it appears that the ROI tool has a lot of room for improvement.

google glass

Top 10 ways Google Glass could affect real ...

Sep 04, 20134 Comments

Google Glass is about to go mainstream, and there are hidden advantages of what is more than just a novel tool.


RoomGroove is eHarmony for roommates

Feb 27, 2013No Comments

Not even three months old yet, RoomGroove has already attracted the interest of big names in multifamily and takes a much needed creative approach to

real estate technology

Real estate technologies’ messaging m...

Feb 12, 201310 Comments

By examining the messaging put forth by two real estate technology companies, it is easy to see how they have lost focus as they've gotten

ipad for business

Can Realtors survive without an iPad these ...

Nov 20, 20129 Comments

Step on to any expo floor at a real estate convention, and you'll be bombarded with talk of iPads - whose product is compatible, what


NAR’s investment arm launches real es...

Nov 08, 201213 Comments

NAR now seeks the diamonds in the rough when it comes to real estate technology, using the Second Century Ventures to incubate real estate startups

nudge app

Nudge: helps even non-marketers market like...

Oct 25, 2012No Comments

If you know how to open and send an email, you can master this technology. If you are jealous of the sexy marketing efforts of


Sweepre: new CEO, product partnership with ...

Oct 03, 2012No Comments

Still a very new real estate technology company, spun off from a major real estate brokerage, Sweepre is already making ambitious strides as promised in