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iPhone app for non-creatives: Facebook cover photos in seconds

As Facebook forces users into the Timeline layout, many people remain intimidated by their lack of creativity while people around them create custom designs. A simple app that feels like a photo sharing app can solve this problem for the un-creatives.

Tools for the un-creatives

When Facebook launched the new Timeline features and forces users to upload new cover photos and engage in making creative choices, not everyone has accepted the changes well and one of the most common complaints we hear is that people do not know what to put on their cover page. AGBeat showcased 90 examples of Facebook cover photos both professional and personal, and published a Facebook timeline cover Photoshop template so that anyone with Photoshop or access to a graphic designer could pull together a unique cover. Still, some remain intimidated by the process.

For iPhone users, there is a simple app called “Facebook Cover Designer” that allows you to shoot a photo of anything and create a timeline cover photo and matching profile picture all in one go, with a few simple swipes – it’s as easy as point, shoot, click, swipe, done.

Take a picture of yourself at your office, your neighborhood or maybe at a football game or somewhere that shows off your interests, or pull in an existing photo from your camera, Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, Instagram or Picasa.

Getting creative without having to be creative

Once you select your photo, you can rotate it, apply filters (special effects as shown below) and publish to your Facebook profile from the app. Simple. “Want to get even more creative?” the company asks. “Facebook Cover Designer allows you to mix your profile image within the timeline cover for an added photo effect.”

The Facebook Cover Designer is free and offers a pro account for $0.99 to unlock all filters and allow you to mix filters. The app solves the intimidation factor for many by allowing a simple point and shoot without requiring much creativity and offering a polished option. There are many Facebook cover photo creators, but most deviate from the standard photo sharing experience, whereas Facebook Cover Designer doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel and keeps it simple.


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