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Why Pokémon Go is such a big freakin’...

Jul 13, 2016No Comments

(EDITORIAL) Let’s face it, Pokémon Go has put the fun back in phone functionality (get it?).


5 habits of highly successful bloggers

Jul 11, 2016No Comments

(MARKETING) With blogging one of the staples of any marketer's toolbox, what are the keys to success in today's business environment?


Twitics is one seriously beefy Twitter stat...

Jul 07, 20161 Comment

(SOCIAL MEDIA) Twitics is an extremely powerful deep Twitter analysis program that may revolutionize your Twitter ad campaigns forever.


Why I reject the idea of the #hustle (Edito...

Jul 06, 20165 Comments

(EDITORIAL) Our culture stopped considering running on four hours of sleep as a badge of honor, so how the hell is the "hustle" culture any


Instagram engagement is huge, but should it...

Jun 27, 20161 Comment

(MARKETING NEWS) Ads on the social network should avoid the “hard sell.” However, early data suggests that seeing Instagram only as a branding tool could


Find out how far your Twitter content goes ...

Jun 13, 2016No Comments

Postreach, a new service specially for content creators and marketers understands the importance of content stats, and claims to deliver effective and unmatched Twitter insight


The freshest social media marketing stats i...

Jun 08, 20161 Comment

The social media experts over at Buffer just completed a study of over 100,000 brands and how they use social media. Take notes!


85% of Facebook users watch videos without ...

Jun 02, 2016No Comments

If you're creating video content for Facebook, how do you compensate for most people watching without sound?


Which social media platforms attract *and* ...

May 18, 20161 Comment

Social media giants are really good at attracting users, but who is actually keeping eyeballs and increasing in engagement? The answer might surprise you.


A quick guide to Snapchat for people who co...

May 17, 2016No Comments

Snapchat has officially gone mainstream, and you're being told you need to hop on the bandwagon but you don't care about it at all. Here's

influencer marketing millennial woman

Study says we trust influencers just as muc...

May 16, 20161 Comment

In this day and age, grassroots level street cred carries a lot of weight.


Forget Facebook’s alleged bias, worry...

May 12, 2016No Comments

Facebook is being looked at for allegations of censoring content for political reasons, which leads us to question the power they have when the compare