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Facebook Data Visualizer helps you understand your own stats

(Social Media) The new Facebook Data Visualizer does an interesting job of digging into your own account and reporting in a way that anyone can understand.



Facebook Data Visualizer is more than just a few measly stats

Facebook is a dynamite way to stay in touch with friends old and new, as well as spread brand, product, or service awareness. It’s essentially become the new wave word-of-mouth. Although there have been ways to quantify traffic and usage for some time, it’s been tough for Facebook to translate it into easily understandable terms for the user. The Facebook Data Visualizer is perfect for this, and it’s geared towards you, not your audience.

Okay, so this tool is a bit intricate, but we promise it’s worth your while to check out. One of the major advertised functions is that it can create 10 graphs displaying different aspects of your Facebook activity, which is a lot more helpful than a few measly statistics. You can view long-term trends over the course of a year, or break it down hour by hour, if that’s more your style.

But enough about the standard features, here’s where it gets really unique: the data visualizer can actually determine your emotions regarding other Facebook users. Conducting what is referred to as a sentiment analysis, you can actually pinpoint your happiest (and saddest) moments on Facebook.

It uses all kinds of cool stuff like natural language processing and computational linguistics to measure your attitude towards certain subjects and users. And no, it doesn’t stop there. In addition to the above bells and whistles, this nifty tool also tracks your 40 most frequently typed words and the 40 users you contact the most. I know what you’re thinking: “Artificial intelligence is here, Will Smith was right, kill the machines!” But tools like this are the future of social media analytics, and we’ll tell you why.

Keeping an eye on emotional trends

With how much the average person uses Facebook, it would be difficult for any one human to keep such meticulous track of data. Especially when considering how many emotions and subjective opinions we have towards countless conversation topics and other users, it would be nearly impossible for us to recall how a certain thing made us feel 10 months ago.

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Facebook-savvy folks wish for stuff like this for Christmas because it does the work that our puny human brains can’t: It keeps an eye on emotional trends so we don’t have to. Kudos to technology for taking the pulse of our emotion-packed black and white text and painting a visual that anyone can digest.

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Staff Writer, Johnny Crowder, is a hard working creative with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology and a deep passion for writing. In his other life, he is the front man for signed metal band, Dark Sermon. He has a wicked sense of humor and might literally die if he goes a day without putting pen to paper.



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