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LinkedIn hits 200 million users, adding 2 new users per second


LinkedIn hits a major milestone as it grows internationally at a rate of two new users every second of the day, making it an attractive network for professionals.


LinkedIn hits major milestone, continues growing

LinkedIn today announced they have surpassed the 200 million user mark, claiming a pace of two new users signing up ever second across the globe. The professional social network is still dominated by American users, as they launched and grew here, hitting 74 million users as Turkey, Colombia, and Indonesia are celebrated by the company as their three fastest growing nations signing up for accounts.

Meanwhile, 18 million people in India have LinkedIn accounts, and there are 11 million in the UK, 11 million in Brazil, and 7 million in Canada. Mobile use of LinkedIn is growing the fastest in China, Brazil, and Portugal, followed by India and Italy.

In a statement, LinkedIn Senior Vice President, Products & User Experience, Deep Nishar said, “This milestone is more than just a metric — it’s a reminder of the global footprint and the scale of impact our network has each day. Members come first at LinkedIn and we remain focused on creating economic opportunity for every professional in the world. We look forward to bringing the power of the LinkedIn network to many more professionals in the coming years.”

LinkedIn most popular in IT field

According to LinkedIn, the Information Technology and Services industry has more people using the professional networking site than any other, with 4 million professionals. Financial services is the second largest profession listed in LinkedIn users’ profiles with 2.03 million people, followed by 1.95 million in higher education, 1.65 million in computer software, and 1.59 in telecommunications.

The company says if their users combined to create a country, it would have the 5th largest population in the world, bigger than Brazil and just shy of Indonesia, with a population equal to France, Italy, and the UK combined.

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