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Regenerating architecture: green building p...

Jan 09, 2014No Comments

(Green News) Sustainable design has evolved beyond robotics, and has tapped into the basics, using pre-historic methods: bacteria. Genius!


Superadobe: super sustainable building phen...

Aug 27, 20131 Comment

Taking something that already had the power to be awesome and making it, well, super-powered, that is what one bright-eyed architect did with an age-old

sustainable construction

GreenSpur: sustainable construction, reclai...

May 20, 2013No Comments

GreenSpur Unveils their first OneNest Project home built in Virginia, a sustainable construction project that could be duplicated across the world.


HeatMeter: set goals and track energy consu...

Feb 23, 2013No Comments

HeatMeter is raising funds on Kickstarter for their innovative monitoring app which requires no installation and is just like a fitness app wherein you set

recycling toilets

Recycling toilet porcelain: streets, landsc...

Feb 05, 20133 Comments

Recycling and up-cycling is common practice; even toilets are jumping into the game, and you might be surprised where your beloved porcelain god can end

micro units in nyc

Micro-units no longer just in Asia, now com...

Jan 30, 2013No Comments

Micro-Living: Mayor Bloomberg put out a call to architects for creative, responsible ideas that would put a city block in New York City's 335 East

nest thermostat

Nest thermostat inspires late night geek te...

Jan 22, 20131 Comment

The Nest Thermostat is finally going mainstream, and is becoming so popular that friends are actually texting each other about it late at night, it's


Sustainability: strong leadership is requir...

Jan 15, 20131 Comment

Sustainability is about more than just eating well for a healthy tomorrow, it is relevant to the very buildings we are creating around us, and


Treincarnation: destroyed trees not always ...

Jan 07, 2013No Comments

When massive amounts of trees come down in a storm, there are more sustainable options besides beloved trees on our properties becoming tons of firewood,

chinese flag

A Greener China, and what it means for your...

Sep 03, 2012No Comments

It is foreseeable that the new Chinese competitive advantage will no longer lie in cheap production or manufacturing labor, but in price and environmental quality.

organic produce green living

Calculate your ecological footprint: you ma...

Jul 30, 20121 Comment

In America, our lives are not set up to be exactly friendly to the global ecology, particularly as we rely so heavily on gas guzzlers

green woman

Green consumers come in many shades

Jul 22, 20121 Comment

Green consumers were once a stereotype, but now, most consumers have some form of sustainable requirements integrated into their purchase habits which is good to