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Jimmy Johns Freaky Fast Delivery

Jimmy John’s founder scraps IPO plan,...

Dec 09, 2015No Comments

Though founder and owner Jimmy John Liautaud has been in talks with bankers and investors regarding the decision to go public with Jimmy John's, he


First company set to go IPO via crowdfundin...

Jul 24, 2013No Comments

Crowdfunding sites have come a long way from their origins, with a company going IPO through a German crowdfunding platform, potentially opening finance doors globally.

sea world

SeaWorld goes IPO, PETA invests to gain a v...

Apr 30, 2013No Comments

One of the risks of a company growing so large they consider going public is opposition buying enough shares to have a voice as SeaWorld


Trulia hires JPMorgan Chase, Deutsche bank ...

Apr 18, 201219 Comments

After a long awaited buildup, Trulia is finally showing signs of going public by hiring JPMorgan Chase and Deutsche bank to manage their IPO, and


Facebook calls you an active user even if y...

Feb 04, 201214 Comments

Facebook’s dictionary raises eyebrows This week, Facebook filed their long awaited Form S-1 Registration Statement with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, targeting a


Facebook to go IPO next week despite FTC cr...

Jan 27, 201217 Comments

Facebook going public Rumors have been swirling for months with predictions of when Facebook would file for IPO status, and according to the Wall Street


Klout and Kayak on the verge of going IPO

Jan 03, 201212 Comments

Two companies on the verge Today, two major appointments were made that hint at two tech companies on the verge of going IPO. First, it