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Aerial photography ban amended, concerns co...

Feb 28, 20134 Comments

After concerns were raised over the initial aerial photography ban, amendments were made, but some continue to question the bill and its implications for other

aerial photography

Aerial photography ban proposed for all but...

Feb 26, 201337 Comments

In New Hampshire, an aerial photography ban has raised more questions than answer as fears regarding drones heat up - measured reaction or overreaction?


Real estate photography copyright issues pe...

Jan 26, 20131 Comment

For years, much focus has been placed on who owns a listing or listing data, but with the rise of the visual web, much concern


Convoluted copyright issues and real estate...

May 30, 20124 Comments

As several entities debate over who owns real estate photos, most are overlooking the real estate porn blogs making money by featuring the listings. It's


Real estate photos: widespread copyright co...

May 29, 20123 Comments

The real estate industry's recent listing data debates have heightened awareness of where, how, and why data of all types are being used. Now, the


Does the MLS own the copyright to real esta...

May 25, 201213 Comments

The real estate industry is not new to having to protect their copyrights, particularly photos, but many may not know that their MLS retains the


Real estate photographer showcases stunning...

Mar 01, 201227 Comments

Not your grandma’s before and after Dallas based real estate photographer, Lance Hames has caught the attention of the photography world with his website


Top real estate photographer of 2011 awarde...

Jan 01, 201228 Comments

Best real estate photographer of the year Each month, the Photography for Real Estate community of photographers votes on the best real estate photo for


Retouching photographs for retail, real est...

Nov 27, 2011No Comments

What to do with an imperfect photo Let’s face it, sometimes photos we do ourselves for our marketing campaigns or even photo sets we’ve hired


Best real estate photograph awarded to repe...

Nov 02, 201115 Comments

Two months in a row For years, we have taken a strong stance against subpar photography in real estate marketing, especially in the MLS, and

Best real estate photograph of the month aw...

Oct 08, 201119 Comments

A win down under Over the years, we’ve advocated for better photography and standards in the real estate industry by outlining how to find quality


Real estate photography websites are often ...

Oct 02, 201123 Comments

Real estate photography websites In searching for a professional real estate photographer, there are a lot of outdated, difficult to navigate websites that give the