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Wells Fargo refuses to cash widow’s C...

Nov 20, 2014No Comments

30 years ago, a husband bought a CD for his wife, but Wells Fargo now says it's been cashed, despite the requirement that it be

chase bank sign

Banks are feeling more confident about debt...

Jul 16, 2013No Comments

Banks have certain measures in place that can be looked at as an indicator of Americans' ability to repay loans and they are now feeling


How to overcome frustration with mortgage l...

Jun 11, 20133 Comments

Dealing with big box mortgage lenders in any capacity can be frustrating, but armed with these four tips, you'll improve your chances of seeing progress.


Wells Fargo foreclosing on home for overpay...

May 16, 20133 Comments

Wells Fargo has taken a harsh tone in the case of a homeowner who sent in too much money one month in an effort to


U.S. sues Wells Fargo, alleging a decade of...

Oct 11, 20122 Comments

Implying Wells Fargo has acted as an assembly line for mass FHA lending, regardless of quality, the government is suing the bank for deficient lending


Wells Fargo to be sued by Feds for steering...

May 09, 201218 Comments

Wells Fargo has disclosed through a SEC filing that the bank is on the verge of yet another federal lawsuit for their allegedly steering minorities


Wells Fargo fined $3.1 million for mortgage...

Apr 10, 201222 Comments

While most homeowners that were victim of mortgage abuses will see a few thousand dollars from the $25B mortgage settlement, this homeowner spent five years


City may pull accounts from Wells Fargo for...

Feb 04, 201216 Comments

Foreclosure abuses In light of increasing reports of foreclosure abuses, the city government of Berkeley, California is considering pulling their $350 million out of all


Wells Fargo allegedly steered minorities in...

Nov 04, 201110 Comments

Substantial lawsuit against Wells Fargo An Illinois judge has ruled that a lawsuit can move forward, alleging that Wells Fargo steered minority buyers into risky


Class action lawsuit filed against Wells Fa...

Oct 31, 201129 Comments

Borrowers allegedly misled, defrauded A new class action lawsuit against Wells Fargo claims that the bank illegally refused to grant permanent loan modifications promised to


Couple never miss a mortgage payment, still...

Oct 08, 201113 Comments

Wrongful foreclosures across the nation Over the years, we’ve reported on dozens of cases in which homeowners have been wrongly foreclosed upon because of bank

Wells Fargo fined $85 million for abusive p...

Jul 21, 201140 Comments

$85 million to borrowers The Federal Reserve Board has alleged that Wells Fargo employed deceptive mortgage practices, fraud and unsafe banking practices against thousands of