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365 Command takes Microsoft Office 365 to the next level

365 Command is a web based administration, reporting and monitoring for Office 365 without knowing any PowerShell command code.

365 command

365 command

365 Command makes life simpler

If you are tired of running Powershell commands every time you want to change mailbox permissions and user accounts, 365 Command is your answer. 365 Command is a hosted environment for Office 365 which replaces the command line interface of PowerShell with a rich HTML5 interface. This means that your help desk no longer has to run PowerShell scripts for common tasks.

System administrators can do once tedious tasks with ease, generating reports with a simple click, which they can they pass along to IT managers who can view the data in the form of charts and graphs, rather than plain data.

365 Command offers a simple, intuitive interface, providing a snapshot of the overall 365 environment, allowing you to view users, devices, total mailboxes, mailbox count, and size; all without a single PowerShell command code. You can also see you users through “maps.” When you click on “maps” from the dashboard, you can immediately see where your users are located, their mailboxes, and how much space they are using.


Popular features

With a few clicks you can set mailbox forwarding, sharing, and permissions. This is something that requires extensive knowledge with PowerShell commands. With 365 Command, to forward, you simply click “mailbox forwarding” under “mailbox details” and enter the email addresses of the mailbox you are forwarding to and from. It really is that simple. If you need to share a mailbox, under “mailbox details” you will click “create shared mailbox” enter the mailbox name and the SMTP address and you are good to go. And permissions could not be any easier. Instead of running line and line of code, you simply go under “mailbox permissions” and “edit permissions” and you can instantly grant or remove permissions for any user.

Another popular Office 365 feature is the ability to change passwords. You can set passwords for users that require them to change their passwords upon login, or set passwords to never expire, again without entering a single line of PowerShell command code. And if you need to generate a report, you only need to click “list all reports” and detailed reports can be viewed online or downloaded as either a CSV or Excel file. Each report contains detailed information, some of which can be very difficult to access via PowerShell, such as mailbox by device or server. Both of these are readily accessible under the “list all reports” link. Tracking and understanding your data, is as easy as point and click.

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365 Command offers a free-trial of the product. If you are tired of running PowerShell commands and would like to be able to access your data in a simple, more visual manner, give 365 Command a try.

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