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The bias against women in tech [editorial]

Jul 19, 2016No Comments

(OPINION EDITORIAL) Although it should be a no-brainer that women are just as capable as men at doing literally anything, our rampantly sexist society still


The chatbot playbook: What they should offe...

Jul 19, 2016No Comments

(TECH NEWS) With the rise of the chatbot, let's pause to put forth what will be a consensus on what they should offer, and how


App rounds up credit card purchases, socks ...

Jul 19, 2016No Comments

(FINANCE) If your bank doesn't offer a "round up" app, this startup wants to help. Saving up small amounts is more feasible for many, and


Pokemon Go City Tours debuts in Austin #Pok...

Jul 18, 20161 Comment

(BUSINESS NEWS) Pokemon Go is bringing people together like never before, even sprouting PokeTourism.


Netflix wants you to share passwords, not s...

Jul 18, 2016No Comments

(BUSINESS NEWS) Headlines manipulated a random quote and sent people into a frenzy, but apparently, Netflix is actually down with your password sharing.


Pokémon Go is a hit, but has some serious ...

Jul 18, 2016No Comments

(TECH NEWS) We've spoken endlessly about the enthusiasm behind Pokémon Go, but for many rewards, there is a risk. In this case, one that has


Virtual reality breakthroughs that could sa...

Jul 13, 2016No Comments

(TECH NEWS) Virtual reality is making waves in the tech and business world, and healthcare is adopting VR at a rapid clip.


What it’s like to work at Atlassian: ...

Jun 27, 2016No Comments

When you're looking for your next opportunity, knowing what it's actually like at a company or in an industry can be tremendously helpful. Here's a


Microsoft acquires Wand Labs to make textin...

Jun 21, 2016No Comments

Wand Labs is a peek into the future of texting, and Microsoft has just ponied up and bought the whole company. What does this say


Dakota is like Uber for tech support

Jun 16, 2016No Comments

Dakota is on the verge of launching a tech support tool that puts you in touch with an expert live - no driving, no huge

gale sayers

Gale Sayers, an inspiration regardless of y...

May 27, 2016No Comments

"Price, quality and service are what's important in business, not the fact that I used to run with a football 25 years ago," said Gale


Is Buffett bolstering brands to build a Fac...

May 22, 2016No Comments

Why Warren Buffett would be interested in a declining business like Yahoo is unclear. But one thing is certain: The price is right and disparate