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Immediately: a sales productivity app on steroids

immediately app

(Tech News) Immediately is a new app that allows you to stay in contact, follow leads, and close deals from anywhere, any time.

immediately app

Fill those pockets by boosting your sales

Conducting business on-the-go is commonplace now. Keeping up with contacts, meetings, and follow up on leads while you are on-the-go, however, can be difficult. Smaller screen size, limited coverage areas, and battery life all become the enemy when trying to conduct business away from the office. Several apps on the market, effective manage and organize your leads, but you still have to copy and paste them into memos, calendars, and email. A new app, Immediately, wants to help you close deals anywhere, easily.

With Immediately you can respond to emails in real-time and be notified when a lead opens your email, even if you are away from your desk. This allows you to take advantage of a window of opportunity you might otherwise miss: message your lead as soon as Immediately notifies you they have opened your email inviting them to message you with any questions.

You can use your existing sales templates, so you no longer have to spend time typing everything out on your mobile device. Within Immediately, you can see the full history of who has opened your messages, and how long ago they were sent. If they remain unopened, you can set a reminder for yourself, so you remember to follow up with them again later.

Sales productivity app on steroids

When following up on a lead, Immediately allows you to select a couple of time slots that work with your current schedule, so you can propose a relevant time to discuss details. This will also set the event on both of your calendars; you do not have to enter the details manually. When you are done addressing the lead, you can finish with a pre-made or custom signature, again, saving you typing time.

If you currently use a CRM like Salesforce, you also have the option to autosync any of your Immediately information with it, to get a better overview of how well you are managing your contacts. While there are other lead management apps and tools, Immediately is a simplified version. You can easily email, schedule, and negotiate from the app without flipping back and forth between tools; worth a look for on-the-go business decision makers and freelancers.

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