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FinderCodes: sophisticated lost and found app for devices


Sometimes you’ve lost your keys, your phone, your pet, or your suitcase, and finding it is less of a problem than getting it returned. FinderCodes app lets you offer a reward or even pay for shipping the item to you, making it quite the sophisticated lost and found app.


FinderCodes is more than a tracking app

FinderCodes Smart Tags combine confidential QR codes, intuitive software, and cloud-based tracking to facilitate quick, hassle-free returns of your lost items. The app is free and is compatible with iPhone and iPad, some of the most commonly misplaced and stolen tech devices today. But sometimes there is nothing malicious about your iPhone being left in the airport bathroom, or your iPad being left in a conference room at another business. And sometimes you need more than just someone to find your device – you need it returned.

FinderCodes has launched their updated version this week to include the following five updates:

  • Re-Turnit: Have your lost item shipped home via FedEx Office. Perfect for frequent travelers—or anyone who’s on the go.
  • Wallpaper: Set your FinderCode Smart Tag as the Lock Screen Wallpaper on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Use with our adhesive tags for double protection.
  • Expanded Code Details: Upload a photo, store your item’s serial number, or write a message in your own words for the finder to see when your FinderCode Smart Tag is scanned.
  • Pet Details: Instantly let the finder know your pet’s food and medical needs, vet’s name and phone number, and even an emergency contact in case you’re out of town.
  • PayPal integration: Pay the finder’s reward in a few easy clicks with PayPal, right from your Codes menu!

How FinderCodes works

Simply attach FinderCode Smart Tags to your valuables and log them in your private FinderCodes account. If you lose an item, a finder can either scan the FinderCode Smart Tag with a smartphone or enter its code manually at You are automatically alerted that your item has been found and scanned, and built-in GPS can even show you its location on a map. The finder can text, email, or call you, according to your account preferences, to arrange for the return.

The company says its focus is not only on returning items easily and quickly, but in protecting your personal information and keeping your data safe.

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