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Google Tips site launches for all Google products


(Tech News) Google Tips has just become the most useful way to learn things about Google you never knew, and in a concise, easy to read format. Genius!


Google launches Google Tips to make your Google life Googlier. Google.

Google’s products are slowly but surely integrating into one another, but for now, there is simply a massive list of tools the company offers, and since they’re mostly free, they are popular in offices across the world. But, understanding what each one can do and how they can save time and money is primarily learned in bits and pieces.

The newly launched Google Tips website seeks to change this, offering suggestions and (of course) tips on how you can use Google products.

The content is actually useful

Google users can simply log in with their account, and interactive cards will present themselves on the screen, and as depicted above, you can select whether you’re digging into tips for the home, the office, on the go, or narrowed down by product. Each card is simply worded and concise, and you can click each to flip it over and learn more.

The big surprise is not that Google wants you to better understand their offering or sell to you so you’ll use them over competitors, but the content is actually good and is actually useful. We like the idea of being able to learn things you weren’t necessarily digging for, rather stumble upon by dedicating a few minutes to learning new things you didn’t know.

Let’s dig into one example

As seen above, the third card on the top says, “Let your computer and phone finish each others’ sentences,” and upon clicking it, you are taken to the following tutorial:

google tips tutorial

Instead of going into a boring list of endless words bullet pointed, you’re told right up front what it is, how it works, and what you’ll need. Then, if you’re still interested, you can click “get started,” get extremely simple and concise instructions, that way no one’s time is wasted.


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