oscar wilde quote

9 inspirational quotes interpreted typographically

July 13, 2012

oscar wilde quote

Knowing everything

Designer Gemma Perkins in the UK said of her design above, “Sometimes, when you’ve been doing so much work for everyone else – which don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love – it helps to do a little something for yourself. I have always loved this quote, so though I’d share a desktop background with you all… enjoy!” When professionals feel that they know everything there is to know, there is a high likelihood they are high on their ego, or they’ve gone stale.

Stay humble

work hard stay humble wall art
Designer named Edward
, also in the UK said, “Work Hard Stay Humble is a great quote to live by, and now you can have it on your wall to inspire you, at home or in the office. This excellently designed typography quote has a 3D effect to it to make it really pop, and comes in a choice of 33 different colours.” Humility is important in work, but working hard is essential to success.

Ego and talent

too much ego will kill your talent
A common saying is outlined above, and one that we try our best to live by. Professionals of all types should remember that in order to achieve, it must always be about the talent in the accomplishment, not the personality behind it.

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POGO’s designs

POGO is an art and design boutique in Buenos Aires which was so inspired by famous quotes that they designed an entire series of posters around the sayings:

don't follow your dreams, chase them

greatest results are attained through perseverance

rising and falling

excellence is a habit

success is the sum of small efforts

nothing great achieved without enthusiasm

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