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Heather is a Realtor with Century 21 Redwood Realty in Ashburn, Virginia. She's also the 2008 VARBuzz Blog Brawl Champion, mom to four fantastic kids, and the wife of a golf professional. If she had free time, she'd probably read a good book or play golf. You can find her on twitter, @hthrflynn, or writing on her blog,

Clients Acting Sheepish?

Mar 24, 20098 Comments

Image Credit I’m always amazed at how rational, professional clients can make seemingly illogical decisions when it comes to the process of buying or selling

No Decision Needed

Feb 24, 20096 Comments

Image Credit Decision Point Consumer is at a point where a decision needs to be made. They need advice and help. What do they do?

Lie To Me? I Saw You Twitch…

Feb 10, 20098 Comments

Whatever You Do, Don’t Blink I don’t watch a lot of tv, mainly because I have a short attention span, and something has to be

Kissing Toads To Find a Prince

Jan 27, 20095 Comments

Image Credit The debate rages on about whether the big brokerages will adapt and thrive in a web 2.0 world, and whether the internet savvy

I Wasn’t Campaigning, I Was Prospecti...

Jan 13, 20098 Comments

Viral Marketing? I’m the gal that was busy begging everyone to vote for her in the Virginia Association of Realtor’s Blog Brawl last month.  You

It’s a New Year, Baby!

Dec 30, 20089 Comments

Reflecting on a Year to Remember I’m a New Year’s Baby, so I’m allowed to be melancholy and introspective at the turning of the calendar.

Amazing What a Year Can Do

Dec 16, 200813 Comments

What a year… This has been quite a year for me as a real estate agent and blogger… I was one of those folks who

What You See is What You Get

Dec 09, 200820 Comments

  There have been a few blog posts recently that struck a nerve with me. Enough to make me take a step back to look

You Look… Familiar…

Dec 02, 200810 Comments

You know that look you catch, when you are standing in line at the grocery store, or at the bank. The head cocked to one

I Sell Real Estate in My Pajamas

Nov 11, 200825 Comments

Exaggeration? Hmm… Okay, so maybe I’m exaggerating a little. But I get up in the morning, head downstairs, grab a cup of coffee, and sit

What Kind of Stupid Question is That?

Nov 04, 200813 Comments

image credit I have a fantastic listing right now. The condition is pristine. It has been well maintained the entire time they have owned it.

Stop the Finger Pointing and Just Fix It. Y...

Oct 29, 20087 Comments

Somebody Screwed Up.. Last week I wrote about talking at your clients rather than with them. Listening to them and being engaged in the conversation