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Kris Berg is Broker/Owner of San Diego Castles Realty. She is the perpetrator of the San Diego Home Blog, a locally-focused real estate blog, and in her spare time enjoys fencing, luge, and kittens.

How to Lose My Business – Lose My Tru...

Dec 11, 200813 Comments

My Supersonic Googling Skills They have me over a barrel, and I just hate it when that happens. My lead-ins tend toward the long side,

Marketing Transparency – Another Pers...

Nov 18, 200816 Comments

Recently Jonathan Dalton wrote an article here giving his opinion of some of the traditional marketing strategies agents use to “promote.” We all agree on

Crazy Talk – Real Estate Gone Mad

Oct 28, 20089 Comments

photo credit: respres Oh Man, It’s True… It’s finally happened. The world has gone mad, and I’ve got two choices. I can either fight it,

Predicting the Housing Market

Oct 18, 200812 Comments

It’s Like Clockwork (but without the batteries) The Clock Without Batteries I have a charming tabletop clock. I bought it because I thought it would

Mourning a Loss & the Agent Value Propo...

Sep 23, 200813 Comments

photo credit: Letting Go of Control We Withdrew We temporarily withdrew a listing this week. It had to do with the arrival of a new baby

The glamour of real estate – Keeping ...

Sep 19, 200819 Comments

I am busy, but not quite as busy as I was three months or a year ago. I suspect I am not alone. And since

I’m finished with excuses.

Sep 13, 20084 Comments

This is a postscript to an article I wrote for Inman News this week which talked about all of the excuses we tend to make

I Am An expert. Ask Google.

Sep 07, 200826 Comments

Because Google Said So I am a real estate expert. Make no mistake about it. And if you don’t believe me, just ask Google. They

Getting the Call

Aug 14, 200819 Comments

photo credit: jadakatt Dear John A couple of weeks ago, we got “the call.” If you are an agent, any agent, who has been on

English as a Second Language (E, S and L)

Jul 28, 200815 Comments

original creative commons image courtesy of ebmorse The Combo Platter Incident The keyboard that keeps my desktop computer company needs to buy a vowel. And