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AGBeat columnist on digital marketing trends. Pruitt's computer obsession started back in '79 - a long time geek and early adopter, she's an ex-programmer & CIS professor, and a Social Media Devotee. Previously known on many social networks as an early-adopter by the handle of "GeekMommy" – Lucretia was on the Forbes 50 Power Moms list as a Tech Mom, she was one of the original Walmart Elevenmoms & has been dedicating herself to the field of Social Media full-time for several years now. She works with small businesses and F100 clients alike.

QR Codes and the Digital Citizen Gap –...

Oct 11, 201137 Comments

Digital natives and digital immigrants Back in 2001, Marc Prensky coined the phrases “Digital Natives” and “Digital Immigrants” with regard to education. His work drew an