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How can you persuade people to spend money?


(Business Marketing) Trying to persuade others to take action is a difficult task that all businesses face, but one study says there’s a simple trick you can try out.

How to persuade people around you

Richard Wiseman who is based at the University of Hertfordshire, presents the above theory in under a minute, expressing that in a study in the UK, when consumers were asked to place large yard signs in their yard, homeowners said yes, but only if they had first consented to a small sign in their yard.

Wiseman indicates that the “foot in the door” theory is one method to get people to do what you want them to, but we would take it one step further and assert that this same theory can help businesses to make more money.

So how on earth does this make you more money?

Let’s say that you’re a budding jewelry designer and you tend to get the most sales through your email newsletter, but you know that your sales could improve. How does this theory help you? Let’s look at your efforts. Many people ask customers to subscribe, but not only do they give hints of what will be contained in these email newsletters, many budding entrepreneurs are overzealous with their efforts and email every day. Almost no one wants to be sold stuff every day – it becomes white noise.

Send out a monthly roundup of your three top sellers with quality photos alongside a very brief story behind how you created them, or a short tale of a buyers’ love affair with the item.

Then, at the end of that newsletter where your foot is already in the door, but not on your site, offer to switch their subscription to your weekly specials email to include stories and coupons, and a video of your team with fashion tips how to pair statement pieces with jeans, or maybe local celebs donning your goods, or what have you.

Start small, get that foot in the door, and then ask for more without being annoying. According to the theory, you’ll have more luck with getting people to do what you want (spend money, cough, cough) if you already have a small buy in.

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