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What kind of content is best for your brand’s audience?

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(MARKETING NEWS) Even though we have multiple ways to reach our consumers, the key to being successful is finding the right way.

Finding your audience

You may think that marketing your brand is a piece of cake with all of the options available these days. However, even though we have multiple ways to reach our consumers, the key to being successful is finding the right way. Luckily, MainPath Marketing breaks down how marketers can get inside consumers’ heads by understanding how our brains process content.


Understanding your audience

In order to effectively market your brand, you need to know how your audience absorbs that information.

Why do they like one post but ignore another? What made your last profile image so compelling?

Understanding this will also help you determine how to engage your audience. Is a blog post the best way to make your point, or do you need a video? Either way, variety is necessary.

Types of content

You’re probably thinking that what started as a simple task has now become complicated. Don’t fret. If your goal is to build consumer trust and showcase your expertise, then written content is the way to go. You could start a blog or write an ebook.

If your goal is to make a complex idea understandable, or attract a larger audience to your brand, then graphic content is recommended. Consumers process visual images like infographics or slideshows in 1/10th of a second. Images can make your brand more attractive and leave a lasting impression.

When it comes to social media sharing, interactive content is best. Through quizzes or games, you can get your consumers to participate and engage on a personal level. This is a main reason they are more likely to share this content to get other people in on the fun. If your audience is not looking to participate, you can consider making a video. Our brains process videos 60,000 times faster than text, while allowing you to share a personal story about your brand.

Go for it

There are endless ways to use content to enhance your brand. No matter if you use graphics, videos, or written content, try to understand how your audience will interpret your message to make it the most effective.


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