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New digital tool helps adjust, streamline your 2017 marketing efforts

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(MARKETING NEWS) Marketers, get ready for a new tool. Small businesses, be prepared for everything marketing to get a little bit easier.

Right to the good stuff

Falcon is a new all-in-one social media tool that has aggregated all of the latest marketing features into one app. It takes your social media accounts and organizes them into one seamless hub. From there, you can organize posts, track engagement, and field comments and messages all without ever leaving your Falcon page. Falcon is your one-stop shop for social media organization, and these are just a few of the tools they offer.


Check what they’ve got

Social listening
Falcon tracks social media engagement and tells you what folks are talking about on social media and in the news

When you can see what topics are trending, you can adjust your marketing strategy to offer solutions.

Say everyone’s complaining that their iPhone battery is draining, and you sell external power banks. You’d miss a huge opportunity by not jumping on social media that instant and plugging your product.

Customer engagement
With one inbox you can field every platform’s direct message or comment that responds to your posts. Falcon will also prioritize the messages based on sentiment, so you never miss the opportunity to respond to a disgruntled customer. You can even build templates, so when someone asks how to recharge their power pack for the millionth time you don’t have to waste precious moments writing back, and they get a response ASAP.

Content marketing
With Falcon’s publish tab, you can organize all of your social media content into one calendar. You can schedule posts, calculate pay to promote tools, preview how it will look on individual social media sites, and better target your audience.

Audience management
Falcon aggregates customer information from every platform to create a custom profile for each individual customer. Anyone who interacts with your brand gets their own profile including their age, gender, phone number, even address.

Whatever personal information they share online, Falcon makes sure you have easy access. This not only helps brands identify their audience, but also helps them manage issues easily by location. Say the power is out in Boston; you can target Bostonians specifically with a paid post — “Don’t let your phone die in this storm, buy our power bank!”

See what you can do

Falcon works for individuals and teams with member profiles and approval tools. It seems like a game changer. With everything we do to promote our brands on social media and all the time it takes, it would be silly not to try out Falcon and see how it can help.

Marketers, get ready for a new tool. Small businesses, be prepared for everything to get a little bit easier. Test out Falcon with their free demo.


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1 Comment

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