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Facebook algorithm change targets spammy oversharing


(BUSINESS NEWS) Facebook demotes oversharing to clean up the feed – what’s the max number of links you can share in your feed now?

Sorry link-happy spammers

Facebook has announced yet another change to their Newsfeed algorithm in their attempt to reduce spam. In order to decrease the amount of spammers on their site, they are limiting the number of times a user can share a particular link.

This does not apply to all links, such as those designated to particular pages, videos, photos, check-ins, and status updates.

Facebook is targeting spammers that are continually sharing low quality content so much that it consumes the Newsfeed.

They are implementing a 50 link maximum for sharing individual articles. Facebook Newsfeed VP Adam Mosseri feels that this oversharing is contributing to the larger problem of low quality content on the site. For the first time, they are looking at the users sharing the content and limiting their efforts rather than targeting the content shared.

Who’s to blame?

Facebook has made previous changes to their algorithm as it applied to “low quality content.” Their efforts have been aimed at specific content, as they attempt to prioritize what users see on their Newsfeed. Mosseri says any changes that Facebook implements are for the Newsfeed to remain informative and to combat the growing problem of clickbait and fake news.

After being criticized as a platform for sharing fake news last year during the election, Facebook has made it a point to reduce this problem and show that they are not proponents.

The new link limit is not expected to have a large impact of individual Newsfeeds. However, those users that do feel like they see the same article continuously may be glad to see their pages more cleaned up.

Trial and error

Though Facebook endured criticism over the fake news debacle, the fact that it was an issue made everyone see how much of an impact the site carries on people. By implementing new and improved algorithms, Facebook has a chance to control what is shared, however, this does not necessarily mean that they will go that far.

Facebook seems to be testing their limits at this time. They are not banning users who overshare low quality content because perhaps because they don’t want to lose users at all. There will always be spam ridden Newsfeeds, but as we have witnessed, this current change to the algorithm won’t be their last.


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