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How artificial intelligence is already powering a common business function

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(MARKETING NEWS) CRM is just one place where a tangible difference can be seen and attributed to artificial intelligence.

Artificial or not

Whether you’re on board with Artificial Intelligence (AI) or not, it’s potential to improve customer relations is apparent.

Many companies have already started taking advantage of it.

AI and CRM

The International Data Corporation (IDC) and Salesforce, a CRM solution provider, conducted a survey to find out how AI is being used within businesses and it’s potential in the future.

In the first quarter of this year, they asked 1,028 business professionals around the world about how they already use and/or plan to implement AI.

Of that number surveyed, they compared a subset group, which they referred to AI adopters, which are 292 employees that work at companies already using AI, to the total number of respondents overall.

Marketing moves

The future of AI in business seems to be the most beneficial within the marketing realm. A larger percentage of AI adopters and respondents overall favored using AI when it comes to email marketing, sales and marketing lead scoring, sales opportunity scoring, sales forecasting and customer service case classification.
There are some noticeable gaps between AI adopters and respondents when it comes to these subjects, but across the board over 50% of professionals surveyed agreed on the benefits of implementing AI. Email marketing was the most popular category for both sides.

AI has already proven to be successful in generating effective email campaigns.

Other categories mentioned in the survey were less popular than those listed above, but still had a significant number of people on board with AI. Other realms AI can integrate within include fraud detection, credit risk scoring, cross-selling, upselling and chatbots used for customer service. The results proved that AI adopters are likely to continue implementing AI when it comes to CRM functions.

AI is the Future

Salesforce conducted another survey regarding the future of AI in April of this year. They found that 60% of overall respondents believe that AI improves various areas of business marketing. This includes campaign analytics, digital asset management and collection of business insights across multiple platforms.

AI technology has already established itself as a benefit to CRM, so why not start taking advantage of it?


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