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Small town marketing focuses on community, and it works

Marketing does not always need to be flashy or high tech. Sometimes, all the brand awareness you need can acquired with some cheap auto paint, an ugly truck, and being involved in your community.

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Ugly trucks are the new sexy

Marketing does not always need to be flashy or high tech. Sometimes, all the brand awareness you need can be acquired with some cheap auto paint, an ugly truck, and being involved in your community.

Lawn care isn’t exactly the sexiest business. If you check the Denton, TX yellow pages, you will find dozens of companies who offer to keep your grass clipped and your shrubs trimmed. However, if you ask almost anyone on the street to name one, you will most likely get the enthusiastic response, “Frenchy’s!”

The secret to this brilliant brand awareness campaign? Orange spray paint. It started as a cheap way to cover the first ugly work truck. Then, it became a method of keep up with tools on the job. Now, it is the instantly recognizable brand of a pillar of the Denton community.


Commitment to community breeds trust

Once Andre “Frenchy” Rheault had his truck painted, he realized that besides hauling mowers and tools, it was also a pretty good billboard. Rather than simply imitate the other lawn care companies, he would set himself apart. “I noticed that there were people that were doing good things and weren’t being recognized, and I decided that I would use my van, one van, to put some good news, some messages and recognitions on, you know,” Rheault said, “We’ll put that on the van, it’s good news, you won’t read about it in the paper. These people that do good things don’t get recognized, so by putting it on my van it gets recognized.”

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Meaningful service, dedication, generosity

The key to unlocking this kind of marketing publicity from any other marketing stunt is the dedication to community. Frenchy’s attaches the recognition that ugly trucks generate to a deep commitment to the Denton community. When it comes to charities, events, fundraisers, festivals, or just adopting areas of Denton to maintain and improve, Frenchy’s is always quick to assist by publicizing, raising funds, or donating money and time. The people of Denton see that, and equate the horrible ugly trucks to service, dedication, and generosity.

It is a remarkably simple concept – that is remarkably effective. The Frenchy’s brand will most likely go unnoticed by anyone outside of Denton (and you, of course). It’s not flashy, sexy, or cutting edge. But it makes a difference where it matters – in the community that it serves.


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Dave Novotny loves writing about cutting edge technology and business innovation. A creative by nature and a number cruncher by blood, sweat, and tears, Dave loves telling the story that the numbers and analytics write in a way that connects to people. When he's not crafting copy, he's out hiking with his wife and two rescue dogs, Jackie and Loki.

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