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SnapChat’s GeoFilter may be the next tool to rock your marketing toolbox

snapchat geofilters

SnapChat has made the decision to open up GeoFilters to everyone allowing anyone to create and distribute the epic coolness.

Exposure and engagement

Anytime I get on Snapchat and see a cool branded filter, I always think how many people they are reaching and how cool it would be if my own brand or logo could appear too. I wasn’t sure how it would work, or how much it would cost, I just knew it would be a nice way to include Snapchat as a marketing tool. Well, Snapchat has found an answer for smaller brands and users alike with their introduction of “on-demand geofilters.”

Aside from being another way for Snapchat to monetize the fast growing app, it is an awesome way to gain exposure and engagement for your product or service in a relevant location.


Your business can design a filter

Now, anyone can design a filter and send to Snapchat to be approved in no more than a day. The design must meet their requirements, but once approved the filter can appear between an hour up to a month, and can include a designated area between 20,000 square fee, to 5,000,000 square feet.

Prices begin at $5 for a filter that lasts 8 hours and appears over a small distance. That number increases depending on the desired length of time and square footage you want to access; and comes with a dashboard for businesses and those who care to track analytics and use of the filter.

Geo-Filters gives your brand control

This genius idea comes from Snapchat’s team wanting to increase user engagement and is similar to the geo-functionality of hashtags, and location tags on Facebook and Twitter. It gives businesses control over design and target location, making sure your message is visible to the relevant customers you prefer.

It is perfect short term and long term campaigns promoting for events, a sale, or a simple way to reach people in the area. This method is also significantly cheaper than the sponsored lenses Snapchat typically sales for $750,000. And though the 750k lenses obviously reach more people, $5 is the perfect way to start small and test it out for your brand.

What will your team come up with?

If you’ve been looking for a way to incorporate snapchat into your marketing plan, snap chat on demand is the perfect answer. It’s affordability, control, and analytics dashboard make it easy to target your campaign to relevant markets. If you want to see how it works, watch this video. If you are ready to try it out head here to start your design.




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