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5 ways to conquer jetlag when traveling on business


Jetlag can be disabling, but to make your next business trip efficient, even when just hopping to the opposite coast, take into account these five tips.


How to conquer jetlag when traveling

There is nothing worse that going on a trip, business or otherwise, and you have a meeting two hours after you land, but your body is hungry and thinks it’s 10pm. You’re all hocked up on melatonin and vitamin D, but is it enough to truly overcome the uphill battle that is jetlag? Even if you’re only going to the opposite coast, jetlag can be a pain. CEO Jeff Klee says there are five primary ways to conquer jetlag in his own words below.

5 ways to conquer jetlag when traveling on business

  1. Prepare for the trip. To deal with jetlag the right way, you have to start before your flight has taken off. Sleep a few hours extra a day or two before your trip to give your body the extra energy it will need to fight jetlag.
  2. Reality check. If you are only in a time zone change for three or four days, realize that you are not going to be able to adjust to the new time zone fast enough before you’re ready to return to your regular routine. If you are going on a short trip—and especially if you are traveling with a kid—you may want to stay on your home time zone, or close to it. Blackout curtains in hotel rooms are great for this tactic.
  3. Get active. If your goal is to adjust to a big time zone quickly, then try to move as much as you can. Walk to destinations versus taking a taxi or subway. Use the hotel gym or go for a jog. Any physical activity you do will help to exhaust your body so when it’s time to lie down you are able to fall asleep quickly.
  4. Do as the locals do. While your body may be craving dinner or snack in the middle of the night, resist! Eat all meals and snacks on local time to help get your body on the right track. Additionally, if you arrive mid-day or morning, stay up until night time to help reset your clock.
  5. Gear up for long plane rides. In the spirit of getting as much rest as possible, pack headphones, sweatshirts, socks and maybe an iPod to put the odds in your favor for quality sleep on the airplane.

So pack your bags and consider these tips for your next trip, and you’ll be the most bright eyed and bushy tailed of the bunch.

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