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The Congressional Cannabis Caucus is born, and it’s about time

(BUSINESS NEWS) Following the growing trend of cannabis reform, a Congressional Cannabis Caucus finally forms and cannabusinesses are in need of policy expedition.

marijuana cannabusiness caucus

Less dazed and confused

The “Cannabis Caucus” has finally arrived. Created by Congressional Representatives Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), Don Young (R-AK), and Jared Polis (D-CO), the caucus aims to update Federal (DEA) laws and regulations to adapt and work with the now 28 states that allow the use of cannabis in its many forms.

As stated by Rep Blumenauer, “The prohibition of cannabis has been a failure, and Americans across our nation are demanding a more sensible approach.”

While the majority of states (excluding Rep. Young’s) have taken the initiative to make marijuana and cannabis culture less taboo and more scientific and legal, the American government as a whole has not.

War is over if you want it

The Caucus itself comes as no surprise, but is still a welcomed sign of change to many advocacy groups, including National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML).

[clickToTweet tweet=”A Gallup poll stated that 60 percent of Americans supported legalized use of marijuana. ” quote=”A Gallup poll from October 19th, 2016 stated that 60 percent of Americans supported legalized use of marijuana. “]

Add that to a running count of 270 Representatives and 60 senators who support cannabis and marijuana reform of some nature (from decriminalization to legalization), and the “war” on this particular drug seems to be coming to a much anticipated end.

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Slow but steady progress

In a joint statement from advocacy groups the Marijuana Policy Project, the Drug Policy Alliance, the National Cannabis Industry Association, NORML, and others, commendations were given to these lawmakers for developing the caucus to deal with and support the ever-growing change in society’s relationship with Cannabis.

“The establishment of a Cannabis Caucus will allow members from both parties, who represent diverse constituencies from around the country, to join together for the purpose of advancing sensible cannabis policy reform,” noted a joint statement from Caucus members.

But most importantly, the statement addresses the evolution of socio-political change occurring stating, “the formation of this caucus is a testament to how far our country has come on the issue of cannabis policy.”


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Pam Garner is a Staff Writer for The American Genius with a bachelor's degree from the University of Texas, currently pursuing her master's degree in graphic and web design. Pam is a multi-disciplined creative who hopes to one day actually finish her book on all of her crazy adventures.



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