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Improve office productivity by creating a happy work environment

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Companies often throw money at employee morale problems, but by that point, it could be too late. These two tips can help improve morale and lead to a stronger, more productive team.

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The critical nature of employee morale

Employee morale is important. Unfortunately, some companies don’t realize this until it’s too late. This could be caused by the knowledge that the job market is tough right now and simply having a job is the new raise. Or, perhaps businesses think that the only way to improve morale is through monetary measures. But this simply isn’t the case.

There is more to keeping your employees happy than through money, and the sooner you understand that and implement changes, the quicker your office’s production will increase and improve. Here are two easy ideas to consider to improve morale in your office.

Tip one: incorporate praise

Simple Praise – Your employees work hard. And it may not seem necessary to extend simple praise for completed projects or for the acquisition of a new client, but it can lift the mood of your employees and help them feel that they are an important and appreciated part of the team. For many employees, receiving regular and genuine praise at work can do more emotionally and mentally than a raise in salary. According to this infographic by BlueGlass, 69% of employees polled said that they’d be more productive and work even harder if they felt more appreciated. This one simple action can make happy employees.

Tip two: ease stress

Appease Workers’ Fears – The modern professional world comes with a lot of stresses. Your employees are undoubtedly worried about something. BlueGlass reported that 30% of employees are worried about getting laid off or their hours getting cut. 33% worry that their salaries will be decreased. These are real fears that can keep your employees distracted from their work.

In order to appease these fears, be upfront, honest, and transparent with your employees. Let them know the state of the company and their positions. Nothing makes an employee more uneasy than secrets and whispers behind closed doors while they’re at work.

The takeaway

These two simple tasks will ultimately make your employees feel appreciated and respected. They want to be a member of the team and not kept in the dark, which induces suspicion, fear, and uncertainty – all harmful to your business. You may not be able to give your employees a raise every year, but you can find other free ways to help them know their worth within your company. Keep your employees happy and your business will benefit. Money isn’t everything, but respect, loyalty, and happiness usually are.



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