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jobs wozniak

Video: top traits of the most successful entrepreneurs

November 1, 2012

jobs wozniak

Fine tuning your entrepreneurial spirit

Being a decision maker in any business is hard work, and a large portion of your job is to continue pushing your intellect, creativity, and flexibility. When looking to grow, most of us look to leaders of the past and present to examine what exactly they did to become and remain so successful.

Over dinner, ask your friends what business leader they admire most, and the current canned answer is “Steve Jobs,” but many overlook that he was only half of a pair that founded the company, and half of a pair that helped the company explode in recent years. Jobs’ speeches are watched for inspiration by budding leaders, and his style emulated.

In the following to videos, the idea of these pairs are examined, but the second video gives away a common sense, yet often untapped method for succeeding as an entrepreneur:

Why innovators come in pairs

Citing Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, journalist Michael S. Malone and Forbes publisher Rich Karlgaard discuss why some of the best innovators come in pairs.
[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”bQ4igQSR1io”]

Two traits entrepreneurs must have

Joe Dinucci, Professional Coach and Partner at Enabling Thought Leadership, outlines the two traits an entrepreneur must have in order to succeed.
[pl_video type=”youtube” id=”ahDsEDWQ1NE”]

The takeaway

No matter what industry you hail from, and no matter what your job title, we all are masters of our own domain, and must make decisions every day that impact our professional success along with the success of our companies, so learning about leadership helps us all to become better leaders. Steve Jobs wasn’t equipped to go it alone, so is that the case in your business? Do you need a yin to your yang? Are you keeping your focus not only on the way forward, but taking time to be grateful for what has gotten you to where you are?

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