Commercial Real Estate, for when the value is in the land

When investing in commercial property, the real value of a purchase may be the land underneath a building which is where comes in.

The challenges of a potential property

Deciding where a business should be located is one of the later steps on a business owner’s checklist. After defining a concept, drafting a business plan and securing capital and funding, it would seem like finding a property would be less of a worry. Unfortunately, finding a site that is conducive to the industry you’re in, and at a price you’re comfortable with, can be very challenging. Fortunately, there’s a way to get a top-notch property, and even better, this option has the potential to help the environment! is an online marketplace that specializes in redevelopment properties. If a building is set to be torn down or rehabbed, the seller can create a listing on the site and solicit offers from buyers.

How benefits buyers

The site benefits buyers as it gives them access to listings that might not make it into a traditional MLS database, and thereby expands eligible properties that could meet their needs. Additionally, these properties are often offered at hard to beat prices since they are scheduled to be torn down. Sellers may post the property at a reduced price that will still give them the profit they need to cover costs, but is likely less costly than a traditional listing.

Sellers can also benefit from the site as postings can attract numerous eager buyers looking for the perfect first home site for their business. Entrepreneurs are highly invested in every aspect of their company, and are eager to catch a great deal when it becomes available. A seller may even get more than they asked for if a listing drums up enough interest.

Green Real Estate

And overall – the process has a somewhat green aspect to it as well. Rather than completely tearing down a property, buyers can reconfigure existing properties into a space they’ll love. And in the event that a buyer does decide to gut the entire property, the construction will at least take place in a plot of land that’s already been developed, and has an underlying utilities infrastructure at the ready, causing less of a disturbance than would new construction in an undeveloped area. Properties are being sold throughout the U.S., including cities such as Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago and areas of Virginia and Maryland.

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1 Comment

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