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PublikDemand handles consumer complaints in public

When big businesses turn their backs on individual consumers, PublikDemand steps in to turn up the heat.



PublikDemand: handling consumer complaints in public

We’ve all had negative experiences with companies and corporations. And some of these experiences go beyond simply being negative—how about being irate and consumed with anger? This can happen when a mistake was made and the company refuses to fix it. Or maybe it’s because of a ridiculous policy, but they won’t budge. Or perhaps you’ve experienced this feeling when your complaints have been discarded and you are ignored. But what if you could pressure those companies to pay attention to you and to fix what’s broken?

Small businesses are known to typically try to accommodate wronged consumers, but it’s easy for large corporations to ignore the individual. And we’ve all experienced that. However, it puts a lot more pressure on them when there’s a collective voice, especially one that’s public. That’s the idea behind PublikDemand.

Instead of fighting for your case with a company, PublikDemand gathers others to stand behind you, others who have had similar experiences and are tired of being walked on. PublikDemand makes everything public and creates interest through extensive social media efforts. Businesses then are encouraged to update their policies and procedures to make it a better experience for the consumer. PublikDemand believes that these companies should work to earn your business and loyalty, not work against you.

Handling consumer complaints in private

But there is also an alternative for small businesses and for those who would rather send comments and complaints privately rather than publically. Mifft is a service that works aids consumers in discussing concerns and issues with small businesses. They act as an intermediary so that the consumer can confidently voice concerns without being insulted or talked down to by a company. Mifft handles the dirty work.

What does it mean for business owners?

These two services are great strides in the right direction for consumers, but what does this ultimately mean for you if you’re a business owner yourself? PublikDemand and Mifft can actually help you right wrongs and make your customers happy. Being featured on these two sites isn’t good, but what matters most is how you handle the situation and how you apply what you’ve learned to your daily customer interaction.

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Businesses are just as prone to error as individuals. But if you can use your customer’s bad experiences to ultimately strengthen the core of your business, everyone will benefit in the long run.

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The American Genius Staff Writer: Charlene Jimenez earned her Master's Degree in Arts and Culture with a Creative Writing concentration from the University of Denver after earning her Bachelor's Degree in English from Brigham Young University in Idaho. Jimenez's column is dedicated to business and technology tips, trends and best practices for entrepreneurs and small business professionals.



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