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SuperCalendar: scheduling assistant for the ultra busy

September 3, 2013


SuperCalendar does the heavy lifting

Many people have hectic schedules and spend an exorbitant amount of time scheduling appointments and meetings, coffees and lunch, making reservations and getting everyone on the same page. Honestly, it’s a tremendous burden, particularly for those who travel extensively. Although busy, not everyone can afford an assistant, but enter technology and you’ve got a way to hire an inexpensive scheduling assistant to do the heavy lifting, freeing you up to do what you do best.

We’ve introduced you to startups like Fancy Hands, but a new kid on the block is ultra specific, aiming to help the ultra busy with the headache of scheduling: SuperCalendar.

SuperCalendar is currently by invitation only, but you can request your invitation code on their main page, and they currently advertise rates of $89 per month for unlimited scheduling, and for $20 more, your scheduling assistant can be set up on your own domain, so they are emailing from your company’s email with a fully branded email address and signature.

How SuperCalendar works

The company doesn’t require any contracts, and they’re even offering a two week free trial so you can try before you buy. They take into account all of your preferences like locations, priorities, and the like, and all you have to do is CC your scheduling assistant and they’ll coordinate, keep your calendars current, RSVP to events as requested, make reservations, and do whatever it takes to alleviate your scheduling headache.

One of the SuperCalendar features that excited us the most is that they hire and train only in America, so you won’t be getting someone “helping” you from abroad that doesn’t speak English or understand the cultural nuances of where it is appropriate to meet. We suspect this is a tremendous reason for it costing a few dollars more than some of their competitors, not to mention that they say their software is double-checking all human moves so your meetings are always according to your preferences.

Video explanation

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