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Acoustic kickstand for Kindle Fire devices

Mar 13, 201218 Comments

With the explosive adoption of the Kindle Fire, accessories are most certainly lacking, but SOOT seeks to pick up the slack and make the Kindle


Concise overview of the new iPad 3 features

Mar 09, 201217 Comments

After much anticipation, the iPad 3 has been announced to mixed reviews, but with the powerful new display, technologists will be forced to improve their


Extending Note: innovative tablet concept w...

Mar 05, 20129 Comments

Simple yet brilliant, the Extending Note doubles your tablet's screen space by sliding in and out. This concept design could change the course of tablet


Tweetbot Twitter client release for iPad

Feb 10, 201212 Comments

Tweetbot Twitter client Tapbots just released their Tweetbot Twitter client for the iPad, making for a more streamlined and user-friendly Twitter experience with the convenience


iPad app boosts productivity, saves profess...

Feb 04, 201219 Comments

Boosting productivity with an iPad app Sometimes taking and creating effective notes, plans, and documents requires more than just typing on a computer. Some find


Google takes steps to remove malware in And...

Feb 03, 201213 Comments

Android security In the last year, Google has taken heat for their Android Market being vulnerable to viruses and malware as their open attitude towards


Google Docs for Android updated, offline ac...

Feb 01, 201210 Comments

Google Docs looks a bit different Android users that open their Google Docs on a tablet app will notice a few changes, and although minor,


Teen designs 17″ tablet PC, seeks inv...

Jan 24, 201225 Comments

Young innovator, James Hartman Young James Hartman of Los Angeles asks “why are there no large tablets on the market?” He has designed a 17″


One in three Americans now own a tablet or ...

Jan 23, 201220 Comments

Recent explosion in tablet/e-reader ownership According to a report released today by Pew Internet & American Life Project, one in three American adults own either

iPad survives fall from space thanks to ine...

Jan 09, 201219 Comments

The 100,000+ foot free fall Extreme electronics case manufacturer, G-Form filmed an iPad encased in “Extreme Portfolio” case by a skydiver from hundreds of feet


iPad 3 rumors focus on camera technologies

Jan 05, 201212 Comments

iPad 3 rumor mill churning While various rumors about the next generation of iPad have made headlines, there is not much agreement as to the


Two new iPad models rumored to be announced...

Dec 29, 201126 Comments

Two new iPad models? This week has been full of juicy Apple rumors, with whispers that the iPhone 5 could be fully redesigned and released