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128gb ipad

Apple announced the 128 GB iPad will launch...

Jan 29, 20133 Comments

Apple's product announcement today of a new 128 GB iPad has been met with mixed reactions as the company shifts its process in the post-Jobs


Next generation iPad, iPad mini may be rele...

Jan 13, 20133 Comments

Continuing with Apple's accelerated launch schedule, rumors are flying of a spring iPad and iPad mini launch.

google chromebook touchscreen

20 million touchscreen Google Chromebooks t...

Nov 26, 20122 Comments

Reports out of China indicate that rumors of a touchscreen Google Chromebook are true as a Taiwanese component maker is gearing up to outfit 20

ipad for business

Can Realtors survive without an iPad these ...

Nov 20, 20129 Comments

Step on to any expo floor at a real estate convention, and you'll be bombarded with talk of iPads - whose product is compatible, what


The top health hazards of using a tablet de...

Oct 15, 20122 Comments

With tablets going mainstream, it is no wonder that the health risks associated with tablets are becoming more clear, thus becoming avoidable.

ipad mini

Apple’s ordering of 10,000 mini table...

Oct 08, 20126 Comments

Apple has ordered thousands of miniature screens, giving credence to the rumors that a mini iPad is bound to hit the market in 2012, giving

Plunk Mobile Device Click Testing

Plunk: mobile click testing for any site or...

Oct 08, 20121 Comment

Usability testing is very important for all website owners - are you sure your site's design is achieving the goal you think it is? Could

tablets taking over the world

Tablet growth to surpass notebooks within f...

Jul 05, 20121 Comment

Although notebooks are adapting, tablet devices are rising in popularity and will soon outpace notebooks sold.

surface apps

Surface: Microsoft unveils new tablet

Jun 19, 20123 Comments

Microsoft's new tablet is already being hailed as an iPad killer, before specifications have even been made public.


Brydge iPad case turns your tablet into a l...

May 01, 201219 Comments

The iPad is designed for mobile use, but many people find themselves using the device as a replacement for a laptop or desktop, which makes


Amazon Kindle Fire accounts for over half o...

Apr 27, 20129 Comments

The Amazon Kindle Fire is the most popular Android tablet with the runner up in popularity barely competing with Amazon's numbers. New data outlines the


Dwellable’s retina-ready iPad app hit...

Mar 16, 20126 Comments

With the new iPad 3 coming out, many industries that rely on photos of products will be pushed to offer much more high resolution images,