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10 ways to improve your business finances, budget, make more cash


Cash is the bottom line of any business, so grooming your business finances is an obviously good idea, but one often overlooked in lieu of shinier things like gadgets and graphics.


Improve your business finances

Many companies do well with marketing and are well researched on cutting edge technologies in their industry, they carry the latest devices and gadgets, and know everything there is to know about futuristic trends. Often, many professionals devote so much energy on being on the bleeding edge that sometimes basics like business finances are overlooked, and many just believe they’ll fall in line if their marketing is spot on. False.

Not only does a healthy bottom line take preparation, research, proper setup, grooming, and analysis, there are always tweaks that can be made to raise your profits. Business finances don’t just fall into place, but below, we’ve showcased ten ways you can improve your business finances, get your budget together, and ultimately, make more money:

  1. Small business budgeting tips for the DIYers
  2. Raise your profits by understanding and optimizing gross margins
  3. Spotting waste in your business budget in five steps
  4. 5 ways to reduce your marketing budget, but not your outreach
  5. 3 ways to increase prices without killing your customer base
  6. Mysterious grey charges: are you uknowingly leaking money?
  7. 4 simple ways to improve your professional finances
  8. Top 4 ways even infrequent travelers can cut costs
  9. Make money by connecting with people moving homes
  10. Create your own expense model and projections

Bonus: inspirational quotes

If the above reading hasn’t kicked you into gear and inspired you to straighten up your finances and get cash flowing, maybe one of these inspirational quotes will!

“Everyone who has achieved financial independence will tell you that at least in the early days you have to work smarter and harder. The price of success must be paid in full, and it must be paid in advance. There are no shortcuts.” ~John Cummuta

“The person who doesn’t know where his next dollar is coming from usually doesn’t know where his last dollar went.” ~Unknown

“Don’t tell me where your priorities are. Show me where you spend your money and I’ll tell you what they are.” ~James W. Frick

“If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. The only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.” ~Henry Ford

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